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Canada's Oldest Honey Brands

Who  We  Are

Kidd Bros Honey

Canada's oldest brand and still family owned and operated. Buzzin' around since 1884.

A true Canadian staple of classic honey.

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Queen Bee Honey

Canada's second oldest honey brand.

Where high quality meets innovative combinations

because we believe that great ingredients,

make great products.

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Western Sage Honey

The newest member to the KB Honey Family.

Where fun and flavourful combinations come to life.

So many flavours, why not come try them all!

Did You Hear the Exciting News??

We have been inducted into the BC Food & Beverage HALL OF FAME!

We are beyond honored with this recognition and accomplishment.  Thank you to all of our customers and supporters. 

Everything we are, you have helped us BEEcome! 

What's Buzzi​n' in the Hive?

Bee Complete

The Healthy Treat

A sweet combination 

of all the best a hive has to offer:

- Honey

- Pollen

- Propolis

- Royal Jelly

All mixed together in an easy to use 

single serving package (right image)

The packages are 10 g each and come 10 to a box (left image)

A perfect on-the-go sweet treat to join any activity.  Keep them in your car, purse, office or gym bag for that quick pick me up when needed.

Call us today for purchase inquiries and orders.

Call or click today to sweeten your life!

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